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Bloody Liberals

Liberals are the same no matter what country they are in!

Liberals are the only ones that can get away with so many contradictions. In the same article they say 1) we never should have been in Iraq and 2)the withdrawing of troops is admitting defeat. Talk about not being able to win!

With Liberals, they bitched because we went, they bitched when we stayed, and they bitch when a leader pulls their troops out. I wish someone in the mainstream media would force them to pick a side.

Iraq withdrawal a defeat: UK press


TDY - Stand by!


Bill would enhance credit rating protection

A Pennsylvania congressman wants the financial protections of the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act to better protect troops’ credit ratings.

Rep. Robert Brady, D-Pa., wants consumer credit bureaus to include a notation in the files of service members that any report of a late payment or nonpayment of a bill could be the result of military service.

This would apply to active and reserve members but would be limited to accounts opened by a person in the military before starting military service, which, in the case of Guard or reserve members, would be before they are mobilized.

Brady introduced his bill, HR 513, Wednesday, and it was referred to the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, which has primary jurisdiction over the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act. He sponsored similar legislation in 2003 that drew 32 co-sponsors. His earlier bill was assigned to the veterans’ benefits subcommittee, which did not include it in updates made in legal and financial protections when Congress overhauled the law.

Under that law, formerly known as the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act, creditors are limited in collecting debts while a service member is deployed or mobilized, and interest charged on consumer credit is capped.

Brady’s concern is that while the law may protect service members, creditors who are not getting paid or are getting reduced payments may include this information when notifying credit bureaus about the status of accounts, and those statements — without a disclaimer about military service being a factor — could have long-range implications for service members.

More NASCAR News

With Kelly Clarkson partnering up with NASCAR and the Casey Mears news, the only other thing we need for a great season is for JR to rock and roll this year!!


War vet featured on Esquire

Army National Guard-sponsored NASCAR vehicle

Casey Mears was officially presented Friday as the new driver of the Army National Guard-sponsored NASCAR vehicle.

Mears, his Hendrick Motorsports team and Lt. Gen. Clyde Vaughn, director of the National Guard, mingled with soldiers and others at a reception at the Army National Guard Readiness Center in Arlington, Va.

Mears, 28, will make his first recruiting appearance Jan. 24, Guard officials said.

This will be his fifth season as a driver in the Nextel Cup series. He moved to NASCAR in 2002 from the Indy Racing League.

The Guard will be sharing sponsorship of Mears’ No. 25 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS with GMAC.



Vets Fight Changes in N.J. Curriculum

What is wrong with this picture and with NJ?


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Conscientious Rejector?

First Lieutenant Ehren Watada still refuses Iraq deployment orders, calling the war illegal. A six-year prison term could result. Preliminary hearings are set for Thursday.


U.S. Central Command Launches NEW Podcast on Website